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Comercial terms

Comercial terms and conditions

1. Buying passages through Voudebus.com implies full knowledge and acceptance of each and every one of the following conditions, under the laws and regulations in force.

2. We recommend you to print out and present your voucher to pick up your ticket. Show up directly at the ticket office at least one hour before the departure to withdraw your ticket and enquire at the bus station.
CHECK THE TICKET OFFICE WORKING HOURS. Then go to the boarding area.

3. Para retirar su pasaje es obligatorio presentar el documento de identidad original. Copias autenticadas no serán aceptadas. El ticket es nominal e intransferible.

Tickets bought on-line or through Voudebus.com call center can only be modified or returned by the same means by which they were previously buyed. The penalties provided must be paid. The passage must be sent back. Any refund, return or exchange has to be requested to atendimento@voudebus.com , taking into consideration the conditions detailed below.
Important: Emails sent after 10pm up to 09 am of the following day will then be processed in this last hour. Tickets with departure time during this period of time will be considered lost.

Any ticket refund must be requested by the credit card’s owner. 5% of the amount paid will be retained (excluding the company Itapemirim [ 8%]) (art.8º, No. 978 §2 Resolução da da ANTT).

5. Once the ticket is printed at the ticket office, any and all liability becomes of the transport company, including their physical agencies throughout Brazil.

6. Refunds or exchanges are only accepted by email five (5) hours before the departure, with no exception.

7. Tickets bought through Voudebus.com have an additional service cost. This will not be refunded.

8. Luggage: The free baggage weight allowance per passenger is 30 kg (66 pounds), with a maximum volume of 300 DM and whose upper limit is 1mt. Hand luggage: is solely responsibility of the passenger. A total weight of 5 kg (11 pounds) is allowed, its dimensions must allow them to be transported without disturbing other passengers inside the bus. Any package that exceeds this limits will be considered excess baggage.
The carriage of dangerous items it is forbidden, such as, explosives, firearms, corrosive, etc.
If you are in doubt about your luggage, consult at the relevant ticket office.

9. Documentation: All government requirements in regard to documents must be met for international travelling.
Voudebus.com is not responsible for expenses and inconveniences caused by the passenger.

10. Credit card or debit card transactions will be processed and will be shown on your account summary or on your bank statement summary banking as "Voudebus Turismo LTDA"- Av. Paulista 2202- 6º andar - Consolação - São Paulo - Brasil CEP 01310 - 300 / CPNJ 02.297.484/0001-08.